Rachel Barnes, the woman behind the clothes.

rachel barnes athens ga

It has always been a dream of Rachel’s, to be a personal stylist in Athens, Georgia- she just didn’t know it until a few years ago…

Rachel had been working as a commercial stylist on photo shoots and as a producer for fashion shows for over a decade.  A few years ago, she decided that the next logical step was to add- Rachel Barnes, Personal Stylist in Athens, Georgia -to her title! After working for over 12 years helping people put together looks at a clothing boutique, Rachel has honed a serious knack for knowing what looks good on individuals as well as having a handle on what is current, comfortable, and chic. Rachel’s amazing organizational skills paired with her friendly, out-going personality helps clients feel at ease when they’ve got her on the job!
When she’s not involved in multiple fashion endeavours (rarely), she likes going to dance parties and bingeing Netflix with her man and her kitty

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