Personal Shopping

Rachel Barnes supports shopping at local businesses, including Dynamite Clothing, where she’s been a manager for over a decade.

Having someone who knows your style, your wardrobe, and your personality- and isn’t trying to sell you the latest and greatest clothes to make a commission, almost seems too good to be true…

Until now!! Whether you need help finding the right pieces to complete your wardrobe, want to learn how to shop for your figure, how to find the best sales, or what stores work best for your style- Rachel is here to help! After a closet edit to identify what holes need to be filled in your wardrobe, she can shop locally for everything on your list, find and order items online, or even take you around to stores so you can become more confident and comfortable in your shopping. Or maybe you just need to find the perfect dress for work, that one pair of white jeans that fit you just right, or your dream leather jacket.  Rachel will not stop until you’ve got what you want and need!

Ready for some new style?

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